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 - Use the Date arrows to view history of log changes
 - This is a schematic representation downstream of the dam. The current water level shown is actually measured approximately 1000 metres (3280 ft) upstream of the dams at Squirrel Island, Ontario
 - Maximum 50 most recent log change events are viewable/selectable (same as in the History Table here)
 - All daily Levels and Outflows going back to the first log change event are available
 - The reported Namakan outflow includes flow through Gold Portage and Bear Portage above certain lake elevations.
 - Sluices #1 and #6 were installed as fish passageways but never employed for that purpose. Logs are not used in the fishways.
 - Maximum Elevation at top of the dams: 341.11m (1119.1ft)
 - Sill Elevation is the elevation at the bottom of an empty (i.e. no logs present) sluice
 - Height of each sluice log: 0.250m (25cm or 10in)
 - Images of dams: International Dam and Canadian Dam and Overview of both dams
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